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KREePyKiDD You guys remind me a lot of Evans Blue but yet you don't mention them in your tags, this might be a great way to add to your fan base. I love the tunes and I found your song "Legacy" on the SpaceUntravel YouTube channel today. Are you guys still active? Favorite track: Legacy.
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Rodeo Straight up, Seldom is hard rock at it's best. These guys write some extremely melodic and catchy tunes. If you're a fan of alternative rock, hard rock or even alternative metal - these guys are worth a listen for sure! Favorite track: Plastic Idols.
Marko Segura
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Marko Segura My friend recommended me Breaking Benjamin music and I liked, so I came to bandcamp trying to find something similar to give my friend to listen to.
My friend liked Seldom second album since play number one, as did I.
This Houston based band is a real promise for the alternative hard rock scene!
I suggest Seldom for people who likes Seether, Staind, Breaking Benjamin, or 3 Doors Down.
Hope you hear more from this band soon! Favorite track: Ozymandias.
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How many times will I get my hopes up? Cause every time you never fail to disappoint {Chorus} The million lies that you make The promises that you break That is your gift to me The empty smiles that you fake The innocence that you take That is your legacy I can’t forget the pain of being left behind so I won’t forgive that you were never there for me {Bridge} I’ve tried to let it all go But the scars run far too deep The pain will never leave I’m not the man I should be That life was taken from me I’ll never be complete
For a moment my sleep was silent Awoke to darkness a grim reminder I desire for the day where my heart in heaven lies (CHORUS) But my body lives in hell! I am the reaper’s hand and I am the final chapter (I am alive!) But my body lives in hell! This desperation is never ending Looking forward to a time where I can stop pretending! Face down, dying on the ground I pray that you remember and I pray to be forgiven of my sins let me die in peace!
Would it make you feel complete? If I’d fallen to my knees Would you grin to my demise? If I were bruised, bloodied, and beat (Chorus) The cancer left with you I’ll never be the same again You took everything I had from me And now I’ve gone insane You didn’t seem to care at all And now I feel the pain You get so deep beneath my skin It’s poison to my veins (Bridge) These walls are tearing down on me Crushing everything beneath Breaking every bone inside of me Until I cease to breathe ////What do you want from me!?////
You toss and turn and lie awake Wishing for everything that’s fake You just see imperfections That only live inside your mind (Pre-Chorus) Fantasy is your reality But nothing is ever free (Chorus) Will you do what they tell you? (no!) Will you give up control? (no!) A little fame and fortune For the price of your soul Sign on the line and join the stars Buy all new friends and brand new cars But fame and gold are fleeting And you’ll have nothing when they’re gone (2nd Chorus) Will you buy every upgrade (No!) Will you just join the crowd? (No!) Buried in all that plastic How long before you drown? (Bridge) It’s all the same it never ends Unless you break out
These scars are all so old But they sting like they are new I push it away But the pain still breaks through (Chorus) Over and over, it’s all the same I’m trapped in this cycle with no escape I’m tired of screaming when no one will hear me I can’t move on Time keeps passing on But there’s still no change at all You’ve all moved on But I’m still stuck here
Do you want to see me fall? Do you want to see me lose it all? Will I ever find the truth? Will I ever make it through? (Chorus) How, can I find the truth? Behind, all the endless lies Now that I can see, what seems real to me What can I do to believe? And how will I make it through? If I cease to exist What would I leave behind? A world full of deceit? Or will I ever find? A purpose to exist The truth behind the lies A reason to believe A reason to survive And I feel the pain As I fall again And I feel the pain As I fall, fall, fall (Outro) Now that I can see, what is real to me I’m positive now I believe And now, I will make it through it all I’ll never be this damn naïve.
You think you’re in control That it’s all figured out You haven’t realized We’ve got you figured out You sit up on your throne So high above us all You haven’t realized That we are in control {Pre-Chorus} Cause we won’t believe, we won’t believe All of the lies you try to spoon feed And we won’t give in, we won’t give in We’ll keep on fighting til the day we win {Chorus} I believe the day will come When we’ll watch you as you fall The crown you wear will weigh you down It’ll drive you to the ground I believe the day will come When we’ll rise and take control We’ll climb the walls and tear them down We’ll own the world then burn it down You think you’re in control That you can keep us down You haven’t realized We won’t be held back now Cause we will take a stand Cause we’re not yours to command You will soon realize That we are in control {Bridge} It won’t be long Until you see Your world in ruins lying at your feet And we’ll be there Yes we’ll be there Standing above you in your despair
I am isolated, trapped behind these walls So I ask myself if life matters at all Am I strong enough to face this on my own Can I face the fact I can never go home {Chorus} Nothing to do but relive mistakes While I’m here wasting away Time has done nothing to help me heal these wounds There’s no peace for me the guilt always consumes I’ve been crying out for just some peace of mind But instead I just grow hollower inside {Chorus} There has got to be some way to be free But its just so hard to find I’m trapped here wasting away I can’t seem to find a way out Waiting for you to come And help set me free
I listen from behind a wall of never ending doubt Never truly listening to what your pain is all about I apologize my friend, but there’s no such thing as change I’ve come to realize our lives just rearrange. (Chorus) Empty bottles broken dreams Chasing objects with no means I tried to keep an open mind But lost all reason to be kind I drowned myself in my deceit Those thoughts became my damn defeat I tried to keep an open mind But lost all reason to be kind. Now I know why the pain turns into agony You ask why I show no signs of sympathy I shouldn’t be the one you seek, as life to me is a mystery Still coping with the fact my life is full of misery. (Bridge) Will I ever keep an open mind Will I ever figure out Will I ever solve this mystery Will I ever lose all doubt


released August 16, 2014

Copyright (C) 2014 Seldom.
Written and arranged by: Seldom
Produced, Recorded, and MIxed by: Brad Lambert (Psychonaut Studios - Houston, TX)
Mastered by: UE Nastasi (Sterling Sound - New York, NY)


all rights reserved



Seldom Houston, Texas

Hailing from Houston, TX, Seldom is a driven and eclectic rock and roll band whose kaleidoscopic blend of sound is based on the contrast between the individual styles and inspirations of the musicians within the group: Mitch, Matt, Sergio, Carlos, and Bryan. ... more

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