Black Mirror

by Seldom

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Serena thumbnail
Serena Excellent release from Houston, Texas standouts Seldom. Such a great balance of tones and moods all the way through the album. Crisp vocals about things that really matter. "Digital Echoes"was by far my favorite song on the album. More laid back than the others, the lyrics really hit me. I can't wait for more music from them! I'm a fan! Favorite track: Digital Echoes.
High Places
High Places thumbnail
High Places I’m quite happy to have found this band on BC. Powerful guitars, drums and sounds in general, with great lyrics and a very solid composition. Good stuff!! Favorite track: Black Mirror.
Bradley Rust
Bradley Rust thumbnail
Bradley Rust Hey from Australia! Great release, saw you had supported Nothing More so checked you out, very impressed. Groove heavy and super melodic, vocals a on point! Will definitely keep an eye out for more in the future. Favorite track: Black Mirror.
Bree Morcroft
Bree Morcroft thumbnail
Bree Morcroft On here you get well crafted melodic hard rock in the mould of Dead Letter Circus, 10 Years and The Butterfly Effect. Production is a key element in this genre and the results on this EP are up there with the best of them. Packs a punch with a real warm and expansive sound. Best given good volume. Each track creates its own strong case for favouritism so it was hard to pick just one, the memorable hook in 'Digital Echoes' got me though. Can picture these going down a treat in a live setting. Favorite track: Digital Echoes.
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If you only stare at reflections of all your past and broken dreams Will you know just to what to feel? Blur the lines, wipe the edge away of all the things that surround your fantasies until nothing else is real Is this everything you always wanted? {Chorus} Enchanted by a world that doesn't exist you won't let it go, won't look away Everything else just fades away You're reaching for something that's just an illusion you won't let it go, won't look away everything else just fades away I realize that it's easier to run and hide than to feel pain just disconnect from everything Don't tell me that you still cannot see You're in so deep you're drowning If you only live in the in-between how can you know what is real? Will you still be here? Will you still want this when all of your dreams turn into these nightmares? how can you let go, you won't look away? trapped inside you'll fade away
Don't tell me how you're so misunderstood when you're the one who never listens Don't tell me how you're so broken-hearted cause I know that your heart is missing Where will you place all of the blame when there's no one left to name? Will you keep making excuses? {Chorus} It's just another sin you won't forgive, another game you'll never win Just how long before it all becomes another grudge that never ends? So don't tell me that it's all in the past You're not the kind to forgive or forget Cause even when you've started to drown You're reaching up just to pull me down
Lost in a binary sea with millions who are just like me We're all just looking for somewhere to fit in to find somewhere we belong I bear my soul but you don't see so what do you want me to be? Will this be all you remember of me When I am gone? {Chorus} I don't want to be a digital echo I am so much more than just ones and zeroes I will not be here waiting for nothing I won't be another ghost in this machine I'll sever these cords that are binding me I scream into the void But it's all lost in this noise How am I connected to everything when I feel so alone Are you listening?
Who you are isn't good enough anymore Just keep it buried deep inside Change yourself into someone else That you cannot recognize Surrender your identity until you finally belong {Chorus} It's too late, you're blinded by the lies That made this world you can't escape It's too late, when will you come to realize That you are trapped inside this masquerade Now you still feel lost and alone but it's different than before When everyone is all the same and you are nothing but a name WIll you remember who you were? And if you keep giving in Will you finally fade away? Is it worth it to fit right in Behind a mask, sheltered within Break your mirrors, open your eyes There's nowhere left to run and hide
You're pulling me, guiding me Like I'm your marionette Rearranged the way you want Until I'm just like the rest I'm struggling just to breathe With your strings wrapped around my neck {Chorus} Take back your promises, I won't be held captive by your lies Take back your fantasies Now that I've opened my eyes I'm twisting, contorting against the pull you have on my life I'm taking back everything That once was mine All I am is nothing more than another pawn in your game You tighten your grip when I resist I won't dance to the song you played But you can only keep pulling so tightly until you start to lose control So you can shame me and disgrace me but you won't own my soul You preyed on my weaknesses My insecurities I gave up everything for nothing at all I'm so sick of all your lies And all your manipulations I'll take back what is mine and leave you behind


released August 29, 2015

Copyright (C) 2015 Seldom.
Written and arranged by: Seldom
Produced, Recorded, and MIxed by: Brad Lambert (Psychonaut Studios - Houston, TX)
Mastered by: UE Nastasi (Sterling Sound - New York, NY)


all rights reserved



Seldom Houston, Texas

Hailing from Houston, TX, Seldom is a driven and eclectic rock and roll band whose kaleidoscopic blend of sound is based on the contrast between the individual styles and inspirations of the musicians within the group: Mitch, Matt, Sergio, Carlos, and Bryan. ... more

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